Running the Stars

Jander's Log: Entry 377

No new leads. The vermin are well hidden. No bounty on us in particular for whatever trouble cooked up when I was stuck in the Medical Hold.

At the bounty hunter’s guild, there was a bounty in another system that might be valuable.. Will have to check on that after the social event.

The Twi’lek appears to have a bounty all her own from a group called The Order the new guy drugged her as we were trying to convince her to play bait to find out about these guys. We still went along with the plan but I will have to watch what I say around him. I may need to introduce him to a blaster bolt if he continues in this mode. The Order’s men sabotaged a local platform with some bad programming. We investigated, but nearly managed to fall out of the sky instead. Who ever this group is they were well equipped with plenty of resources and no qualms about killing innocents to get their job done.



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