Running the Stars

Lamish's Log: Entry Alpha

Curiously, I have seem to garnerd the ire of one of the crew.

The issue seems to have begun when some of the crew came in discussing an issue. The twi’lek was injured from some scuffle and one of the two blaster jockies as well. After patching up the twi’lek I was handed a data pad to access and obtain information from. The security protocols were rather rudimentary (sadly as was the equipment, I really must get my hands on some better parts but our cargo is organic rather than technical, sigh). Regardless, the datapad indicated the twi’lek had a bounty on her head, which seemed to be the cause of the trouble that was encountered off ship.

Some discussion ensued which devolved into general arguing. The rational solution that the blaster jockies and the twi’lek seemed to be dancing around was simply going to the location to collect on said bounty to obtain further information. I had faith that my companions would come to this conclussion shortly and thus instructed the medpac i had equipped the twi’lek with for her injuries to render a mild sedative to put her out for a while, thus to facilitate the plan I assumed the crew was already planning. This engendered further discourse.

We had to obtain a skiv and then set of for the coordinates given in the data pad. By we, I mean to indicate the two blaster jockies, the sedated twi’lek, and 3M. I noted later as we were approaching the destiantion that I miscalcuted the length of the journey as the twi’lek awoke early. Proper route planning is therefore essential for any later excursions like this one. The oversight seems to not have mattered as the platform was deserted. Well, exterminated perhaps would be the more appropriate term. Upon investigation (and the recovery of some useful tools that had been scattered about) the platform had been hit with a rather serious computer virus. 3M, myself and blaster jockey 1 departed the skiv and went to investigate the nearby surrounds while the twi’lek (who seemed to be experiencing an undo level of psychological issues at the time) and blaster jockey 2 stayed aboard the skiv. Upon investigation of the local factory setting, we discovered the corpses of the local workers (died of asyphixiation) and going through computer records, discovered that the platform had been sabatoged by a series of R2 astromech units. There were some men in nondescript uniforms who stated some information that was of a seemingly usefal nature that was later relayed to the twi’lek. Then the platform started to lurch as its propulsion systems failed and we left.

Findings: The twi’lek is being pursued by an organization for unknown reasons. Will have to review other crew logs for the name as it slips past me presently. Said group is particularly goal oriented (enough to murder an entire platform of people) however their execution of plans is somewhat shoddy (missed stopping all astromechs from completely destroying platform before objectives met).

Observations: The twi’lek seems agitated about the course of action taken despite the logical outcomes and information gain. Apparently she prefered the relative ignorance she was in previously. Curious but in perhaps a sad way. I do not see how further actions to alleviate the situation are made better by a fundamental lack of givens. However, it may be best to avoid for some time.

3M continues to be a marvel. Clearly the exterior shell of the protocol droid is merely a ruse. I am curious as to his make and model. If I can obtain the right parts I would like to speak with the squip and 3M to see if we might be able to improve his targeting programs. Aside of the squib, he is the only crew member who seems to make a modicum of sense on this ship.

Excursions with blaster jockeys has yet to give me substantive information to clearly define one from the other (aside of the general outward appearance of course). Standard procedure for social protocols seems reasonable until distinct social patterns emerge. Note: so far, neither seems to appreciate research.



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